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Empty pie shells are produced to then be sold like this or later filled or decorated.
Cupcakes and muffins are cakes make in paper cups inside baking trays or in self-supporting cups. Cupcakes can have several different shapes based upon the cup.
Injected Cakes
To make cakes more delicious, it is possible to inject them with several fillings like chocolate, jam, cream, etc.
Double Color Cake
Double color cakes that have two different coloured mixes. The deposit of the dough can be adjusted quantities and can creat a clean separation between the two colours.
Ring Cake
Baking mould trays are used for cake production in order to give shape to the product.
Swiss Roll
The cake which fill the cream or jam on the cake and then rolling.
Decorated Cakes
Possible decorations with granular products, coloured strips, deposit of chocolate, etc. To make cakes more eye-catching to the consumer.
Moulded Cakes
Moulded Cakes
Marble Cakes
Marble Cakes
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