This series include Planetary Mixer,Spiral Mixer,Continuous Aeration System and Tank Loading Device.Different beaters for different material, such as butter,egg,flour,etc.Continuous Aeration System is suitable for ful-automatic cake production line. And the Tank Loading Device is equip with large mixer.
MIA-Planetary Mixer
Planetary mixer (also called vertical mixer) is so named because they feature an agitator that turns on an offset shaft, while the mixing bowl remains
MIB-Spiral Mixer
Spiral mixer consists of a spiral-shaped agitator that remains stationary, while the bowl revolves around it. This specialized design makes them great
MIC-Continuous Aeration System
Continuous aeration system also called turbo mixer. It offers constant production of marshmallows, cake batter, whipped cream, chocolate, eggs, foamed
Tank Loading Device
This device is using to automatically load the dough into the depositing-hopper (tank). It is customized designed according to the size of mixer tank.
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