Donut Series include all the donut machines of ours.There are semi-automatic donut machines and automatic donut production lines.They suitable for cake donut and yeast donut.
Donut Extruder
Add pressure inside the tank, donuts are automatically cut directly onto the proofing trays.  
MD100 Donut Machine
This electric mini donut machine improves donut quality and reducing costs. It can automatically deposit, fry, turn, and dispense cake donuts/mini don
MD100+ Automatic Polytype Donut Machine
This donut machine supports making different types donuts. It used electric, all body use 304 stainless steel material.
TD300 Semi-automatic Donut System
Automatic frying, turn-over and cooling with manual cutting and glazing, our TD300 donut system is the leading midsize donut production system. I
DPL-6C Donut Machine
This machine is designed for making high quality cake donuts. It includes donut depositor, fryer and oil filter. There are 3 sizes of depositing head,
Donut Rolling Cutter
This machine is designed for automatically shaping yeast-raised donuts. Roll thin the dough by hand first, then put it on the plate of the rolling cut
This proofer is an ideal choice for dough fermentation. Sturdy combination cabinet door of stainless steel and glass let the fermentation process clea
INA-L-Vertical Injector
The injector model INA-L is for filling into products on a continuous running conveyor. The products will be sorting in a line and then move forward t
INA-D-Vertical Injector
The injector model INA-D is for vertical injecting ring-shape products, such as donuts or similar products. The injecting needles can be 5 or 8 pcs in
INB-M-Horizontal Injector
The injector model INB-M is semi-automatic. Manually put the products to the injecting needles, then the machine will automatically fill cream or jam
Donut UV Sterilization Line
This UV line is special design for donuts sterilization. The conveyor is made of 304 stainless steel mesh, and equipped with variable frequency d
DPL Series Automatic yeast Donut Production Line
Our DPL series donut line is used to produce yeast-raised donuts with minimal manual input and maximum output. Donuts are automatically cut directly o
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